About Us

Best Friends. Moms. Mermaids. God. Family. Beach. Laughs. Sunshine.

Meeting at the awkward age of 14 when Britty wore way too much eye shadow and Lindsey ratted her hair to the sky, we helped each other solve those issues and have been inseparable ever since. Strangers think we are twins. We joke about sharing a brain, and our own husbands have even mixed us up once or twice. With seven kids between us we've gotten pretty good at crazy and are excited to follow a life long dream!

Text after text of "Hey Brit, where do I find cute tops",or "Where do I get this or that", "Have you seen anything amazing lately??" It was time we took matters in to our own hands and created our 8th baby Coco and Scout. Coco aka Lindsey loves the classic look, she's never without high heels and a necklace. She loves to get dolled up. Britty aka Scout likes a more relaxed style, always rocking her high pony, in her hoodie and flip flops. We think the mix of the two make the perfect brand and hope you'll agree. 

At Coco and Scout we have a passion for finding the perfect items you want to wear again and again. Your go to pieces that are stylish, comfortable and make you feel confident walking out the door. 

This is just the beginning! We have big plans and can't wait to show you all the things we've been dreaming up here at Coco+Scout.

We couldn't leave our kids out of the fun so we've created a line just for them of pieces they'll beg to wear again and again.